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What is meditation, How to Meditate

How to meditate

What is Meditation, it has been defined for centuries

there are many methods of meditation many Gurus have tried to explain meditation in their own way simply put, meditation is a practice in which a person by using one of the techniques works on their senses, and they become aware of getting relief from stress.

With Meditation, you can live a healthy life not only mentally but also physically and emotionally Meditation helps you to know yourself, allows you to understand your inner self, and allows you to take the right decision.

just like physical exercise is necessary, similarly, meditation is very important for our soul, for peace.


When we meditate, we improve our immune system, increasing imagination and creativity meditation is a simple, fast way to reduce stress. Let us walk you through the  basics in our feed awaken guide on how to meditate

We welcome you to our feed awaken guide to how to meditate, which includes a variety of meditation information about the benefits of each practice, and free guided practices that help you learn how to meditate in your daily life. for more abundance, inner peace, and happiness learn how to meditate by meditating. Silence and serenity you experience are always better to meditate in the open because we are closer to nature the chirping of birds, the wind blowing, and the calm atmosphere help to concentrate well. outside meditation is so attractive and greeting that you naturally teach yourself how to meditate deeper into the quietness and calmness each time you meditate. Keep reading to learn more about the basics of this reframing practice that enables us to find more joy in daily life.

The best time to meditate is in the Brahma Muhurat from 3 to 5 in the morning because the atmosphere is calm at this time, meditation can also be done in the afternoon and evening, but always meditate before the meal.



The best way to set ourselves up to keep meditating is to know our intention. why do we want to learn how to meditate? that’s all we need to make better choices for ourselves, and our families, our love is clear about what we want to get out of our practice whether it’s to feel happier, feel focused or be less stressed will be a big help in creating the right attitude going into it. when we start to feel low, bored, feeling sleepy or restless during practice, we can easily remind ourselves of our intention, discover more about the mind and start to deepen our practice, overcome some of the more common obstacles in meditation and learn how to meditate and apply observance to everyday life.


Meditation is something anyone can do, anytime, anywhere, find your place where you can relax during this process and follow the instructions in the daily practice of meditation section below.


  • Choose a quiet place to meditate
  • Keep meditating time of 5 or 10 minutes and try to increase slowly
  • In the beginning, while meditating, many thoughts will keep coming, do not get upset and do not try to stop them
  • Sit comfortably  leave your body loose and keep the spine straight
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath, take a deep breath inhale and exhale slowly
  • while meditating, you can keep the picture of your GOD in your mind, you can see them while breathing in and out
  • Meditation can be done with the pronunciation of OM
  • Take a deep breath, chant any seed mantra and meditate
  • Meditate by the focusing centre of the brow
  • Meditation can also be done by playing the music of running water or a waterfall or by playing a hymn in a soft voice
  • Don’t worry if you lose your focus, be patient and try to meditate again
  • With continuous practice, your thoughts will reduce, gradually becoming thoughtless and the duration of your meditation will automatically increase.


meditation is a process, you have to must gain knowledge about it, many people don’t know how to meditate and they practice the wrong way, they have to face difficulties in doing meditation.

During meditation, many people keep the wrong posture, that’s why they don’t
get more advantages to ensure while meditating your spine must be straight.

If you are practising meditation so keep in mind to do it regularly, if you stop practising in the
middle, you will not be able to get the benefits from it.

Do meditation at the same time daily, morning time is the best to do meditation, you can meditate several times but keep in mind, the time must be the same.

you are aware of your current situations through meditation so don’t worry about your future
and get more benefits.

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